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19. Okt 2018, 19:44 Uhr

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Update v1.0.10:
"Assemble a Militia in Varnhold" could be started before the player was able to enter Varnhold. Resolution: fixed.
Not all the guards were triggered into aggressive state while completing "Intervene in Varnhold" objective, making the quest impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed. For players, who already encountered this issue, Tirval has a new dialog to complete the objective.
Amiri's sword repair didn't count in the companion's quest ("Reforged Blade"). Resolution: fixed. Affected saves files have also been corrected.
Valerie's first companion quest was easy to miss - its starting event was active for 10 days only. Resolution: the active period of the starting event was extended.
"Search for poachers somewhere in the Narlmarches" objective could not be completed due to the chance that the related special encounter didn't happen. Resolution: fixed.
The dialogue with Eimar could be interrupted ("The River's Justice" quest), making the quest impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed.
Romance with Tristian didn't continue in some cases after events at the "Abandoned keep" area during the "Betrayer's flight" quest. Resolution: fixed. Unfortunately, the affected saves couldn't be fixed. Those players who want to continue romance with Tristian have to use saves before "Betrayer's flight" quest completion.
Players could use the rule posts after the debates ("Inconsequent Debates" quest), which led to Jubilost becoming a frog permanently. Resolution: fixed.
Dialogue with Alondi ("A Bard's Calling" quest) was interrupted after the first phrase, making the quest impossible to complete. Resolution: fixed.
"Impatient Pirates" quest didn't finish in some cases. Resolution: fixed.

Pitax Wardens had their Combat Expertise bonuses multiplied every time players saved the game. Resolution: fixed.
Dialogue with Nyrissa could not be finished in some cases at "Abandoned Keep" area. Resolution: fixed.
It was possible to do the "Shrewish Gulch" book event more than once. Resolution: fixed.
Party could be teleported to a random area after the Book Event at "Castle of Knives" area. Resolution: fixed.
There was a chance to get the second copy of Briar at Pitax King Palace. Resolution: fixed.
There was incorrect entrance into "Empty Skull Rock" area. This area couldn't be found by perception check on the Global Map. Resolution: both issues are fixed.
There was incorrect entrance into "Middle of Nowhere" area. Resolution: fixed.
Dialogue with Salim Ghadafar was triggered every time after loading at "Castle of Knives" area. Resolution: fixed.
There were several issues with navigation at "Castle of Knives" area (some loot chests were unreachable; no collisions for some models). Resolution: fixed.
Players couldn't loot dead Darwen at "Brineheart". Resolution: fixed.
There were two areas for Amiri's companion quest with the same names ("Six Bears Camp") which confused players. Resolution: fixed. The outdated area changed its name now.
Under certain conditions, quest NPCs could not appear at "Flintlock Grasslands" area infused by the First World (the last chapter). Resolution: fixed.
Bartholomew could be missing at "Wizard's Laboratory" area when players tried to return his whip. Resolution: fixed.
Amiri could keep immortal state after completing events at "Flintlock Grasslands" area. Resolution: fixed.
"Shallow Gulch" area doesn't require perception check on the Global Map anymore.
One of the areas had incorrect type and visualization on the Global Map. Resolution: fixed.
The dialogue (Merchant in Distress) didn't work correctly if players resolved the event with fey-pranker peacefully. Resolution: a new dialogue option has been added.
Dialogue with goblins located behind the Lamashtu statue was not available. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
Characters in Inventory could become black-and-white in some cases. Resolution: fixed.
HP-bar is improved to indicate correctly Hit Points left.
Interaction and exit area markers got stuck in the game frame sometimes. Resolution: fixed.

Pitax final kingdom event didn't start. Resolution: fixed.
Brevoy councilor didn't appear at "Throne Room" area and Kingdom development couldn't progress. Resolution: fixed.
The project to get rid of Lander Lebeda's spies was not available. Resolution: fixed.
Kingdom could be destroyed without triggering the gameover dialogue in some rare cases. Resolution: fixed.
The kingdom event "A Mysterious Letter has Arrived at the Castle" (the letter from Linxia; "Deal With the Devil" quest) didn't finish correctly. Resolution: fixed.
Building tooltips have numbers of the kingdom stats which are upgraded by the specific building now.

Classes & Mechanics
Players who strayed from their prescripted alignment as divine classes and lost their spells asked us to provide them with a way to atone for their transgressions. Resolution: Jhod Kavken and Arsinoe sell Scrolls of Atonement now. Using that scroll returns you to the alignment you selected during character creation at the start of the game which in turn should help characters if they lost their spells.
There was empty description for the buff that caused 50% chance of a spell failure due to the First World influence in some areas. Resolution: fixed.
Warpainted Skull of Duthica disappeared after use and did not summon two barbarian spirits. Resolution: Warpainted skull can be properly used once per day and summons two barbarian spirits.
There could be two copies of Grimoire in Blakemoor's inventory. Resolution: fixed.
Companions who died from the Disintegrate spell disappeared from the party. Resolution: fixed.
Jaethal and Linzi became invisible if they died from the Disintegrate spell. Resolution: fixed.
Vital Strike inflicted extremely low damage. Resolution: fixed.
Bokken's masterpiece didn't work. Resolution: fixed.
Lawful Neutral Inquisitors and Clerics of Torag could not cast spells. Resolution: fixed.
Enchanted shields no longer give double bonus when equipped (some extraneous enchantments may still remain in older saves).
Animal Companions that Druids got from Animal Domain did not scale properly off druid level (while the animal companions that Inquisitors and Clerics got from the same domain were doing just fine). Resolution: fixed.
Hospitalers and Empyreal Sorcerers could not select Selective Channel and Extra Channel. Resolution: fixed.
The Energy Source ring did not give additional Channel Energy charges to Hospitalers and Empyreal Sorcerers. Resolution: fixed.

There was an issue with one of Nyrissa's animations. Resolution: fixed.

Zip library is upgraded to fix some rare save corruption issues. Unfortunately, affected saves files can not be corrected.

Update v1.0.9:
It was impossible to interact with Mim while being on top of "Talon Peak" area, so the quest couldn't be finished. Resolution: fixed.
Shaynih'a's quest couldn't be completed. Resolution: fixed.
Some players reported having extra doom-counters at the end of the game which might lead to the incorrect game over. Resolution: fixed.
Talking to Eobald the Insightful cut-scene didn't work correctly during Linzi's "A Bard's Calling" quest. Resolution: fixed.
A cut-scene didn't work correctly if players visited Elina without Ekun first and then returned with him. As a result, "A Feast of Feasts" quest couldn't be completed. Resolution: fixed.
Some players could miss the quest item during "Guiding Beacon" quest. Resolution: fixed.
A cut-scene didn't start in some cases after the battle with cultists during Tristian’s first quest ("Kingdom of the Cleansed"). Resolution: fixed.
"Honor and Duty" quest didn't start after the Kingdom Event with the same name. Resolution: fixed.
"Lost Relic" quest didn't finish correctly. Resolution: fixed.

It was possible to do the "Ruined Tower" book event more than once. Resolution: fixed.
One of the rooms in Pitax palace was inaccessible. Resolution: fixed.
Jamandi Aldori mentioned Lander as the envoy at "Flintrock Grasslands" , whether or not it was true. Resolution: fixed.
Companion's death at any area of the last chapter caused an endless death-resurrection cycle. Resolution: fixed.
Players couldn't change their party because they never got a prompt to choose your party at "Camp at the Capital Gates" area exit. Resolution: fixed.
Party couldn't move at the beginning of the "Illthuliak's Lair" area. Resolution: fixed.
АoЕ spells like Elemental Wall and Acid Fog could break a cut-scene with Castruccio Irovetti at "Pitax Royal Palace" area. Resolution: fixed.
Some choices didn't work correctly in dialogue between Linxia and Darven at "Brineheart" area. Resolution: fixed.
One of the "Leather Scrap Covered in Ancient Runes" items was missing at "Armag's Tomb" area. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
Memorized spells UI area became inaccessible if the Spellbook was closed while working with Metamagic. Resolution: fixed.
Several visual issues were fixed in Vendor interface.

Region upgrades are now unlocked once the capital has been upgraded to city-level.
New city visual: as soon as your capital is upgraded to city-level, it boasts a new look.
Community rank up to 8th level project didn't start. Resolution: fixed.
Cut-scenes for Divine rank-up events up to 6th level didn't work properly and, as a result, the rank-up projects didn't start. Resolution: fixed.
Consequences of the decision made at 7th rank-up event of the Economy tree are properly applied to the kingdom now.
Consequences of the decision made at 8th rank-up event of the Culture tree are properly applied to the kingdom now.
Auto-managed kingdom will now check that important projects are done in time to progress within the game.
Kingdom event signalizing the failure to complete Ekun`s second companion quest could trigger even if this quest was completed. Resolution: fixed.
If the kingdom is about to be destroyed, the game will offer the player to turn on the Invincible Kingdom mode.

Classes & Mechanics
Restoration didn’t remove all of the temporary negative levels. Resolution: fixed.
Finesse Training didn't work with Two Weapon Fighting. Resolution: fixed.
Reuse of the "Summon Monster" class ability (Monster Tactician inquisitor archetype) didn't delete the summons from the previous cast. Corpses of summoned Monitor Lizards could be looted. Resolution: both issues are fixed.
Some players could get an additional animal companion during level-up in case the current animal companion was dead. Resolution: the issue is fixed. Effected saves is going to be fixed in the nearest hotfix.

Linzi's ring (Shelyn's Clemency) didn't work properly. Resolution: Linzi is teleported to the Capital after her death.
New pack of typos and localization fixes. Missing CN characters (踝豹鹤) are added.

Sometimes Steam Cloud Sync could overlap with save loading, resulting in bugs and possibly corrupted saves. Resolution: fixed.

This hotfix happens to be a big one – more like a patch, in fact. A big and important feature comes live in this version: from now on, you can choose between different Kingdom region upgrades - which become available together with the new state of your capital, the city outfit.

Update v1.0.8:
Bokken could die after his artisan's quest if players came to the "Oleg's Trading Post" area too late. Resolution: fixed, Bokken can't die any longer.
Tristian could become immortal after completing the "Betrayer's Flight" quest. Resolution: fixed.
Jubilost didn't appear in the tavern during the "Door to Nowhere" quest. Resolution: fixed.
The NPC Amalia didn't appear at the Capital Square after citizen revolt in the Season of Bloom chapter (Tristian's "Kingdom of the Cleansed" quest). Resolution: fixed.
The party couldn't leave "Oleg's Trading Post" area if players failed Nok-Nok's companion quest and the "Trouble with Goblins" quest. Resolution: fixed.

Dialogue with Akiros didn't work properly at the "Stag Lord Fort" area after the party got over the wall if the formation layout set party members too far from each other. Resolution: fixed.
The party couldn't leave the "Womb of Lamashtu" area if an animal companion got stuck at the separated area part. Resolution: fixed.
The vendor didn't sell goods at "Brineheart" area after resolving all of the problems in the area. Resolution: fixed.
The dialogue with Amiri at the end of events at "Flintlock Grasslands" area could be inconsistent if players choose chaotic dialogue option. Resolution: fixed.
The NPC Gwart didn't appear at the end of events in the "Flintlock Grasslands" area if players visited the area first and then came back after completing Tristian's quest. Resolution: fixed.
There were issues with navigation at "Mysterious Shrine" and "Gnawed Rocks" areas. Resolution: fixed.
Tristian repeated romance dialogue when the party entered the Capital Square. Resolution: fixed.
Ekundayo's dialogue didn't work properly at the "Ruined Watchtower" area if players discovered the "Troll Lair" area before talking to him. Resolution: fixed.

User Interfaces
Critical modifiers weren't visualized in tooltips. Resolution: fixed.

Classes & Mechanics
The Arcane Weapon - Shock enchantment would give a weapon the Brilliant Energy property instead. Resolution: Shocking Weapon Enchant gives Shock weapon property now.
Skeletons summoned by Jaethal's camping ability dropped loot and didn't disappear after death. Resolution: fixed.
Disintegrated units were invisible after resurrection. Resolution: fixed.

There was a mistake in the Fighter class description, leading to wrong expectations about class development. Resolution: fixed.
Epilogue ended after the Tiger Lords message. Resolution: the rest of epilogue should play normally now.
New pack of typos and localization fixes.

Some players complained that video cards might be running out of memory. Resolution: a couple of video memory leaks are fixed.

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