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Matrixxneo User
21. Okt 2018, 19:45 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.01:
+ Worked around an issue causing a crash the first time an enemy is knocked out. This is caused by a problem establishing a connection with Steam. The work around allows the predicted <1% of players experiencing the issue to play Vigilantes, but achievements will not be registered.
+ Fixed issue with players or enemies equipping MK4 trauma kits preventing further action.
+ Fixed being able to fire shots through walls on urban playground map.
+ Fixed surveillance kit giving +5 bypass rather than +5 surveillance
+ Fixed issue on Kurt Renko map in which unobstructed tiles are unwalkable, if you select the wait option.
+ Fixed encounter with the boxer, survivalists attacking police, recurring.
+ Fixed stat modifications from ally relationships not being factored in loaded games.
+ Fixed utility items being removed in error during load / save
+ Fixed a couple of instances where 3d models were not correctly mapped to tiles
+ Fixed AP not updating after reloading, firing and using trauma kits
+ Fixed bonuses from a close deployment carrying over into subsequent missions
+ Fixed incorrect description on tactical baton upgrade and bug which allowed tactical baton to be upgraded to itself repeatedly
+ Fixed firing position not being taken into account for overwatch purposes
+ Fixed multiple strafe from cover attacks causing a crash, if subsequent clicks occur too quickly.
+ Fixed game input becoming locked if a firearm jams when making a targeted attack
+ Fixed increasing the stats of one character, switching characters using the character portraits, and reducing the same stat in another character
+ Fixed issue with using prowess on Emilia in the "From the Past" encounter reducing Sam's relationship with himself!
+ Added a minimum delay between clicks on end turn button to prevent mis-clicks and potential interference with enemy turns
+ Fixed using Team reload causing the creation of a "ghost" stack of ammo, if the exact number of bullets needed to reload a weapon are in the inventory
+ Reduced the number of decimal places in the display strings of a number of derived stats
+ Added a potential fix to an issue with the game not progressing after a double shotgun blast. This fix is not definite, as the information in the log file didn't reveal the exact cause.
+ Fixed an issue with a player character having their HP reduced to 0 when moving through fire not having their turn ended.
+ Fixed certain encounters allowing you to spend more cash than you have.


21. Okt 2018, 16:13 Uhr
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